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Skin Treatments
By Denise

Denise Haddaway, a native of Long Island, NY began her spa career in 2001, after 22 years as a health care provider.

A Maryland licensed Massage Therapist, Aesthetician, Fitness Instructor, and Integrative Health Coach, Denise’s personal vision was to market herself as a spa professional…

Our Services

High quality, Perfection and Long-lasting results.


ZO Medical Grade

No two faces are alike, therefore no two facials should be alike. After a thorough cleansing and skin analysis, we address the skin type and skin condition. We utilize our expertise to treat your skin, educate you on our products and provide you with a custom treatment plan and “at home” regimen.

ZO 3-Step

This anti-aging moderate depth peel contains a blend of salicylic, lactic and trichloracetic acid (TCA) in combination with retinol cream; all of which causes sloughing of the damaged top-most layers of the skin. It penetrates the epidermis to promote turnover of cells and stimulate the production of collagen, while restoring moisture balance.

Skin Analysis
and Regimen builder

The skin is cleansed and analyzed. We will discuss your goals and my findings. From there I will build a custom regimen that may include skincare products and/or procedures.

Lash Tint /Brow Tint

A semi-permanent color is applied to the lashes/brows to enhance the appearance of your eyes.

ZO Glow
& Go Facial

Includes cleansing, skin analysis, manual exfoliation, brightening mask, serums tailored to your specific needs, hydration and SPF application. Safe for pregnant/nursing mama’s and is also a perfect pre-event facial!

Health Coaching

(Virtual meetings).


Revitalizes the skin to reduces scars caused by acne, rosacea, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation.


Brow shaping, brow Clean-up, lip wax, chin wax.


Dermaplaning is a form of mechanical exfoliation whereby your skincare professional uses a sterile straight blade to remove the top layer (stratum corneum) of dead cells. In doing so the vellus (peach fuzz) hair is also removed. This makes for better product/makeup penetration, even application and a glowing complexion.

Lash Lift

A lash lift is essentially a perm for your lashes that offers eye-popping results by creating a natural curl and lift to your lashes. This service takes approximately 30 minutes, is painless and healthier than lash extensions.

The Glowing Glass

This extraordinary facial treatment includes microchanneling with growth factor serum, exosomes, clarifying and firming serums followed by a gentle peel and appropriate finishing products. You will peel from this facial, therefore we recommend that you book it 8-10 days before an event.

Infrared Sauna Treatment

Similar to a traditional sauna, the in office infrared sauna treatment can be a “stand alone” service or part of your facial or massage. Infrared treatments detoxify, reduce pain associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia. It also improves heart health, relieves stress and improves sleep. How does this work? Once inside the sauna your core body temperature increases which sends a signal to your brain to increase blood flow, heart rate, metabolism, and decrease oxidative stress that causes inflammation as well as a decreased blood pressure.

Massage Services


Relaxes the entire body. It can help to increase the level of oxygen in the blood and improve circulation and flexibility.
60 min/90 min

Deep Tissue

Perfect for athletes and gym goers. This technique goes deeper into the muscle to relieve strains and to release lactic acid.
60 min/90 min


This massage addresses the changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, such as increased blood flow to the legs, lower back pain, and inflammation.
60 min/90 min

Feet Treat

Revive your lower legs and feet with this peppermint infused treatment. We begin with an exfoliation of organic sugar and peppermint oils to relieve the legs and feet of tension. Next, we massage the feet and legs with peppermint infused shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oils to soften dry skin. While the product is working, we perform a head, neck, shoulder massage. You will emerge from this treatment feeling relaxed yet energized.
45 min


See our full selection of beauty products. ZO professional products are available for purchase at the spa or on the online store.

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